Tea Tree Oil Energising Treatment.

Organic urtica leaf extract.
Against hairloss*.
Extra>life Tea Tree Oil Energising Treatment is our reinforcing treatment.

Thanks to the vitamin complex of apigenine and oleanolic acid, reinforces the roots and oxygenates the bulb.
The combined action of Tea Tree Oil – sanitising- and organic Nettle extract – astringent-, tones the scalp up and gives a pleasant refreshing effect.
Tea Tree Oil Energising Treatment helps prevention of hair loss and stimulates regrowth.
Reinforces the roots and oxygenates the bulb.
Tones and refreshes the scalp.
Helps prevention of hair loss.
Stimulates hair growth.
Against hairloss*.

Active ingredients:

Tea Tree Oil.
Seboregulator, antibacterial, antimycotic and anti- odorante. It is the essential oil par excellence, it purifies, reduces inflammations and fortifies the scalp.
Organic nettle leaf extract. (organic certification)
Astringent and cicatrisant. Stimulates the microcirculation of blood in the scalp and favours the metabolism of cells recalling active principles to the follicle.
Vitamin complex. (biotin, apigenine and oleanolic acid)
Reinforcing, oxygenating, rigenerating, it is a complex of active hair loss prevention ingredients*. Reinforces the roots improving the nourishment of the capillary
fibre: apigenine (extracted from lemon), oleanolic acid (olive leaf extract) and biotinyl-ghk. Delays the effects of hair ageing and prevents hair loss.
Oxygenates the bulb, reinforces the roots and nurtures the hair.

*coadjuvant in hair loss prevention.
Keratolytic exfoliators.They weaken the bonds uniting dead cells, favouring their removal and leaving the skin fresher, elastic and young.
Glycolic acid – emollient action.
Lactic acid – hydrating action.
Citric acid – elasticising action.

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