Purifying treatment With Green clay and tea tree oil. Purifying is the answer to scalp anomalies: hypersensitivity, seborrhea, desquamation, dandruff.
Purifies and carries out a detoxifying action, normalises sebum production and leaves the skin clean. Heals even the most irritated and sensitive scalp.With 3hc-hair stimulation complex and capixyl™

In a combination with:

Green clay

purifying and sebum regulator. Filters impurities and normalises sebum secretion, stimulating the regeneration of scalp tissues. Detoxifies regulates sebum secretion and soothes skin irritations.

Essential tea tree oil

sebum regulator, antibacterial, antimycotic and anti-odorant. It is the essential oil par excellence which purifies, soothes and reinvigorates the scalp.

Piroctone olamine 

anti-dandruff, sebum regulator and antimicrobial. Helps re-establish the correct equilibrium of skin flora.

Alpha hydroxy acids.

Keratolytic and exfoliant. They weaken the bonds binding dead cells, simplifying their removal and leaving the skin fresher, younger and more elastic. They carry out an emollient, hydrating and elasticising action.

Salicylic acid

bacteriostatic, keratolytic and soothing, exfoliates the most superficial layer of the cornea gently, polishing the scalp while favouring cellular renewal. Furthermore it remarkably reduces the arising of irritations caused by the presence of bacteria or inflammatory lesions.


antimycotic (fungicide) commonly used in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis.

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