The treatment dedicated to hair loss* prevention. Strengthens roots, oxygenates the bulb, tones, refreshes and stimulates the scalp favouring hair growth.

Stress, lack of oxygenation and insufficient blood supply are the cause of brittle, dull, toneless and lifeless hair, and in some cases the cause of hair loss.

This treatment proposes to infuse new life into the scalp.
It frees the outer layers from toxins and pollution residues and, by stimulating blood circulation, energises the scalp invigorating hair bulbs making them stronger and more resistant to loss. The hair will be stronger, shinier and healthier.

*coadjuvant in the prevention of temporary hair loss.

Contains 3hc-hair stimulation complex – icea certified

A complex of 3 active principles: grape stem cells, bio-liquefied eruca sativa and bio-liquefied green walnut. The 3hc hair stimulation complex helps reduce hair loss* and prevents it by extending the life of hair

protein and clover extract complex. Tones the scalp and improves microcirculation. Tones the follicle while preventing hair loss*.

Certifies organic nettle extract – icea certified
astringent and cicatrizant. Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp and favours cellular metabolism gathering nutrients to the follicle.

Tea tree oil.
Sebum regulator, antibacterial, antimycotic and anti-odorant. It is the essential oil par excellence which purifies, soothes and reinvigorates the scalp.

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