ORGANIC VITIS VINIFERA MERISTEM CELL ENERGISING SHAMPOO Energising shampoo. Anti-hair loss*. Stimulating. Invigorating. Cleanses gently leaving the skin soft and toned up. Counteracts hair thinning. Invigorates and stimulates microcirculation in the scalp. Improves skin elasticity. Directions for use: distribuire su capelli umidi e massaggiare. Lasciare agire 3-5 minuti e risciacquare. Ripetere se necessario. PH 4.5-5.5 CONTAINS 3HC-HAIR STIMULATION COMPLEX – ICEA certified Complex of 3 active principles: grape stem cells, bio-liquefied eruca sativa and bio-liquefied green walnut. The 3Hc Hair Stimulation Complex helps reduce hair loss* and prevents it by extending the life of hair. Organic nettle extract – ICEA certified Astringent and cicatrisant. Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp and favours cellular metabolism gathering nutrients to the follicle. Also contains: essential tea tree oil, piroctone olamine, vitis vinifera leaves extract and clover extract. FREE OF SULFATE - DEA/TEA - EDTA/PEG/PPG - PARABEN - THIAZOLINONE - ARTIFICIAL COLOUR - MINERAL OIL OLFACTIVE NOTES An elixir of sophisticated freshness, debuts with sparkling notes of kumquat and mint, joined by a green rain of ivy leaves and aloe sap. The jasmine heart embraces transparent bamboo and mauve flower nuances with fruity plum accents and spicy white malabar pepper accents. An enveloping watery base, with boisè touches of lebanon cedar and madagascar rosewood. Mate leaves and balsamic cypress balance the jus. Top: green. Mint leaves, ivy leaves, kumquat, aloe sap Heart: floral. Jasmin, plum, white pepper, bamboo leaves, mauve flower Base: woody. Amber, lily of the valley *coadjuvant in the prevention of temporary hair loss.