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    GREEN CLAY PURIFYING TREATMENT Purifying treatment for skin and hair. Rebalancing. Hydrating. Soothing. Purifies the skin, normalises sebum secretion and hydrates the hair. Hydrates the hair leaving it healthy and shiny. Contributes to good skin health, rebalancing sebum production. Directions for use: apply to washed and towel-dried hair. distribute on skin and hair. Massage. Process for 3-5 mins and rinse. PH 6-7 CONTAINS Green clay Purifying and sebum regulator. filters impurities and normalises sebum secretion, stimulating the regeneration of scalp tissues. Detoxifies, regulates sebum secretion and soothes skin irritations. Also contains: white clay, icea certified 3hc-hair Stimulation complex (vitis vinifera stem cells, hydrolysed eruca sativa leaf, hydrolysed green walnut extract) and extract of: sugar maple, sweet orange, lemon, tilia blossom, clover, vitis vinifera leaves, blackberry, sugar cane. FREE OF EDTA/PEG/PPG - PARABEN - THIAZOLINONE - ARTIFICIAL COLOUR - SILICONE - MINERAL OIL - LANOLIN - BENZOFENONE OLFACTIVE NOTES Close yor eyes, and breathe in the beautiful fresh and floral wave, elevating you to the top of the world. The rose, queen of flowers, opens the dance with fresh delicate mandarin. Top: fresh. Geranium, mandarin, violet, lily of the valley Heart: floral. Cloves, guaiac wood, Jasmin Base: marine.Bee wax, ylang ylang, mossy stone crop
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